Promontory Point

Promontory Point is a man-made peninsula in Lake Michigan. Burnham Park, Chicago. In the 1930s, a seawall or revetment protected The Point, built from a landfill. Chicago Park District engineers designed and built the revetment, which consists of four steps of limestone blocks.

It opened in 1937 on Chicago Park District land at 55th Street in Hyde Park. Alfred Caldwell, a Jens Jensen disciple, designed the landscaping using native plants and stone. Caldwell’s design included a 12-acre (49,000 m2) “meadow” with flowering trees and shrubs. Caldwell created stone “council rings” around the lakefront in 1938, which are now fire pits. Caldwell’s original plantings are gone.

Lakefront Trail and a tunnel under Lake Shore Drive at 55th Street access the park. David Wallach Memorial Fountain is seen when exiting the 55th Street tunnel. Elizabeth and Frederick Hibbard designed this 1939 fawn-shaped fountain with human and animal drinking areas. During the Cold War, the park housed a 46-meter radar tower for Nike Hercules; it was demolished in 1971. Oak Street Beach is a place in Chicago, and many people love to go there. For HVAC repairing and installation services, Mr Quality is available 24/7 to provide its services in Chicago. You can contact them anytime at 708-748-1946.

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