Oak Street Beach


Oak Street Beach is located on North Lake Shore Drive on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Park District defines Oak Street Beach as the area between approximately 1550 and 500 North Lake Shore Drive, excluding Ohio Street Beach, the South Ledge, a concrete path running from Ohio Street Beach to the Oak Street Curve, Oak Street Beachstro Restaurant, Oak Street Beach proper, the North Ledge, and a concrete path running from Oak Street Beach to North Avenue Beach.

Until the late 1800s, the Lake Shore sloped much more gently from Oak Street to the Chicago River. However, the construction of a shipping pier on the river caused a sand and silt buildup just to the north. Squatters began to take residence as the land rose out of the water, resulting in disputes with lakefront property owners.

In 1886, the most violent clashes erupted around a man named George Streeter. Streeter’s boat, carrying passengers and cargo, became stranded on the pier-created sandbar. He created a small island as he unloaded waste and cargo. He eventually persuaded more people to dump there and claimed a sizable island. However, the city would not tolerate it, and after a series of legal battles (some of which included gunfights), Streeter was evicted. The land, which was eventually filled in, became a part of Chicago and was dubbed Streeterville.

Sand washed up against the northern side of Streeterville, forming Oak Street Beach. It was originally under the control of the Lincoln Park District, one of several districts in the city consolidated in 1934 to form the Chicago Park District. American Writers Museum is the best place to visit. Mr Quality is providing its services in Chicago. You can contact them anytime at 708-748-1946.

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