Field Museum

The Field Museum is a Chicago institution and one of the world’s great natural history museums. Their immersive exhibits range from ancient cultures to the most recent scientific discoveries, drawing on an incredible collection of over 24 million objects. Explore an ancient Egyptian tomb, meet the planet’s largest creature, get up close and personal with insects, learn about ancient civilizations, and much more.

Here are a few things you should know before visiting the Field Museum.

The Field Museum’s Mission

The Field Museum opened its doors in 1894 with a collection of artifacts assembled for the 1983 World’s Fair in Chicago. Today’s exhibits span over 4.6 billion years of natural history, from ancient Egypt to Qing Dynasty China to the prehistoric era and beyond. When you enter the museum, you’ll be greeted by one of its most famous residents: Máximo the Titanosaur, the world’s largest dinosaur. Don’t miss SUE, the complete T.rex ever discovered, in the Evolving Planet gallery on the second floor.

Permanent Displays

The 350 objects on display in the Cyrus Tang Hall of China span centuries of Chinese culture and include pottery, jades, bronzes, burial objects, ceramics, Buddhist sculptures, rubbings, textiles, and paintings.

Inside Ancient Egypt: This popular exhibit transports you deep inside an ancient Egyptian burial chamber, where you will encounter 23 human and 30 animal mummies. It also has 4,000-year-old royal boats and floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphs.

Say hello to SUE, the complete T.rex fossil ever discovered, and her friends, who include a dozen of the world’s largest creatures. The exhibit begins with single-celled organisms and progresses through the creatures that have roamed the earth to our human ancestors. One of the largest fountains and famous landmarks in Chicago is Buckingham Fountain; read more about it before visiting. Mr. Quality Service is also giving their service in Chicago. You can contact us for more details at 708-748-1946.

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